GIBTOWN is a sixty-five minute film which presents intimate memoirs of legendary performers and scenes from their daily existence, along with archival footage, home videos, and films of current acts -- adding up to a multifaceted portrait of a unique town and its remarkable inhabitants. Like the bright lights and colorful banners of a carnival, GIBTOWN promises the strange and unusual but also offers something more: a vision of a community forged in a backwater of America; individuals fighting against popular misconceptions and media exploitation; performers confronted with growing old in the twilight of a great American tradition, having to abandon their nomadic way of life.

This film touches upon the common chords of human experience which binds all communities together. A profound picture emerges of extraordinary folks and their extraordinary way of life. While Gibsonton and its residents have frequently been featured on tabloid t.v. and talk shows, the story of Gibsonton has yet to be given an in-depth treatment which looks beyond the sensational. The stories and personalities of these individuals, many of whom are in their seventies and eighties, offer invaluable insight into the Gibsonton community and a quickly fading way of life.